The House of Adocentyn

The House of Adocentyn is an initiatory body of Ordo Astrum Sophiae. Facilitating the Ogdoadic Tradition in the Sonoran Desert, the House of Adocentyn is located in the Valley of the Sun: Phoenix, Arizona.

We are dedicated to fostering in our initiates the attainment of Gnosis and Regeneration as symbolized by the eightfold Glorious Star, the token of our aspiration, which can be achieved through the fivefold pattern of the House of Sacrifice, which is at once both the method of our progress and the structure of our psyche.

Further, the House of Adocentyn and the Ordo Astrum Sophiae are committed to expanding the range and depth of material available on the Ogdoadic Tradition of which we are the inheritors. The principal vehicle for the greater Order’s dissemination of this material is The Ogdoadic Journal of the Western Mysteries. This webpage shall likewise serve to host the House of Adocentyn’s own contributions to this body of material, including the material previously available on “The Ogdoadic Notes” website.

Additionally, this site hosts the new weblog of the House of Adocentyn which includes forays into topics relevant to practitioners and students of the Ogdoadic Tradition.

“Part of the purpose in magick is … to arrive, through the faculties of feeling and of intellect, and finally through intuition itself, at a contact with the underlying substance of the phenomena around us. For the philosopher this is a sufficient goal; for the magician, the ultimate purpose is that standing at last at such an intersection of the changeless and the ever-changing, he may know his will and may do it.”
                                                                                 – Denning & Phillips

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