Ogdoadic Praxis

Ritual magick is at the heart of the Ordo Astrum Sophiae. Here are cataloged some of those key rituals which form the curriculum of the Ogdoadic student, in addition to other related considerations both practical and theoretical.


Read the OAS’ presentation of the fundamental ritual techniques of this Hermetic tradition in The Ogdoadic Journal Number Five: Praxis, including photographs and further commentary:

Foundational Practices

Rhythmic Breathing

Gesture & Posture


Fundamental Rites

The basic rituals employed in the Ogdoadic Tradition of High Magick, their significance, and other notes.

The Calyx

The Setting of the Wards of Power

The Clavis Rei Primae (formulae 1 & 2)


Further Material

Nomina Arcana – “the Archontic Sequence”

Hymnody – Litanies, Hymns, and Invocatory Poems

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