The Ogdoadic Catena

Salutation and again salutation to the High Guardians of the Glorious Star, who were, and are, and are to come. Salutation and again salutation in the splendor of the Star which unites us.

O you High Guardians, Hidden Adepti, Dwellers in Eternity: you have given signs and you have shown wonders, and you have revealed yourselves unto your children.


Such are the Words, such is the Greeting!

(The bell is struck once.)

In a voice of mystery do we call upon you, High Guardians, we who are the continuators of your Work: O Luminous Ones, behold and hear us. Not without our own questing do we ask to know, nor without our own endeavor to attain: but that the sowing shall be crowned in the harvest. For oneness of purpose do we call unto you, for that joy of resolve which is the wine of the will, transforming all that was strange to it. For living light and luminous life do we call unto you, O Hidden Ones! So Light and Life shall be drawn at last to the radiance of one Star, and that Star shall mount to the unshadowed height.

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