Nomina Arcana

The Ogdoadic Tradition employs its own hierarchical sequence of Qabalistic formulae and words of power. These formulae are “names” only insomuch as they provide a framework for identification of a particular Qabalistic principle. While the specific names used do highlight some unique quality or interpretation of the Power being called on (especially in the context of, and through the lens of, the Ogdoadic Tradition), the practitioner should be ever mindful of the difference between the name itself, and “the thing named.”

These Words of Power are enumerated here, then, not only to provide a useful reference but also in order to explore their meanings, origins, and isopsephy so that the Ogdoadic student may develop deeper relationships and understanding therewith.

ATZILUTH – The Divine Magical Formulae

BRIAH – Archontes (Archons)


Kouroi – Powers (Ruling)
Kourai – Intelligences (Intermediate)
Eudaimones – Spirits (Servient)

AS -1- Radical Scale by SarkosAS -2- Prismatic Scale by SarkosAS -3- Contingent Scale by Sarkos

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