Divine Formulae in Atziluth

The Divine Names of the World of Atziluth are potent magical formulae which represent the various “voices” of the All-Highest – each a complete manifestation of the Divine Force in and of itself. These thus may be regarded as powers of the Constellation of the Worshipped, and specifically of the various modalities of the Highest Divine Force – HA – as It multiplies Itself in the World of Imageless Archetypes. These Nomina vary in origin from the Greek Magical Papyri, the various Gnostic sects, to ancient Etruscan deities: all united in a brilliant fusion of Hermetic ideas in the vein of the Mystery Schools of Alexandria.


AS -1- Radical Scale by Sarkos

3 (supernal). ΤΥΡΑΝΑ
3 (planetary). ΙΑΛΔΑΒΑΩΘ
9. ΙΑΩ

12. ΑZΩΘ
13. ΙΑΩ
17. ΑZΩΘ
18. ΙΑΩ
20. ΑZΩΘ
31. ΘΕΟΣ
32 bis. ΚΥΡΙΟΣ
31 bis. (activeἈΘΑΝΑΤΟΣ
31 bis. (passiveἸΣΧΥΡΟΣ


1. ΕΝ-ΤΟ-ΠΑΝ = 556. “One the All.” Divine Formula of Kether.

556 = φήμη “voice from heaven, oracle; song; reputation, fame”
556 = πανίμερος “all-desired, all-lovely”
556 = ἐλάσσων “inferior, smaller, less”

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2.ΙΕΗΩΟΥΑ = 1294. Divine Formula of Zodiac/Chokmah.

1294 = 16 = 7

The Nomen of Chesed combines all seven Greek vowels. In the AS Consecration of the Great Wand, this particular sequence of vowels corresponds to Sol, and thus begins with the letter Iota.

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3. (supernal) ΤΥΡΑΝΑ = 852. Divine Formula of Supernal Saturn.

852 = ωμηγα “omega” (spelt in full), note the correspondence of Ω to Saturn.
852 = τό ἀθάνατον “the immortal”
852 = ὁ στίβος “the track, trail, path”
852 = πανηγύρις “assembly of people; festival”
852 = δελεάζω “to catch, entice, beguile”

This Divine Name comes from the ancient Etruscan deity Turan. Turan itself is also an Etruscan word meaning “dove”.

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3. (planetaryΙΑΛΔΑΒΑΩΘ = 858. Divine Formula of Planetary Saturn.

858 = μύησις “initiate”
858 = ἥμισυς “half”
858 = ληκώ “penis; crackle”
858 = ἡ ἀνάπτησις “the upward flight”

This potent formula was used by the ancient Gnostics as the name of the demiurge.

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Da’ath. ΔΕΣΤΑΦΙΤΟΝ=1440. Divine Formula of Da’ath.

1440 = φρουρός “watcher; guard”
1440 = στρόφος “rope, cord”
1440 = τοξοφόρος “archer, bow-bearing”

Possible connection to δύσις ταφή or “stripping away the tomb.” (Credit: Aron Wolf).

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4. ZΑΡΑΙΗΤΟΣ = 697. Divine Formula of Jupiter.

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5. ΣΑΒΑΩ = 1004. Divine Formula of Mars.

1004 = 1+0+0+4 = 5
1004 = Διόνυσος “Dionysus”
1004 = νοῦς δῖος “the mind of god”
1004 = τέχνημα “a work (of art)”
1004 = περιδέω “to wrap around; to know well”
1004 = τό βάπτισμα “the baptism”

Sabaoth (Gnostic) Title of the genii of Mars, one of the planetary regents of the seven sacred planets as enumerated by Origen in his outline of the Gnostic system. Likewise one of the quaternary of emanations which formed the unity of Jehovah, according to the Gnostics: Iao, Adonai, Sabaoth, and Eloi.

Also one transliteration of the Hebrew Tseba’oth (q.v.).
Encyclopedic Theosophical Glossary

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6. ΟΝΟΦΙΣ = 900. “Serpent of ON.” Divine Formula of Sol.

900 = ῥῶ “rho” (spelt in full). Rho ~ Resh (Hebrew) = Sol.
900 = τό ζυγόν “the union; the yoke”
900 = φοινός “blood red”
900 = ἀμβροσίᾳ + νέκταρ “food and drink of the gods”

“On” was another name for Heliopolis, the capital of the 13th Nome of Lower Egypt, and an early center of worship for Ra and Atum.

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7. ΑΛΒΑΦΑΛΑΝΑ = 617. Divine Formula of Venus.

617 = τό θήριον “the beast”
617 = παγγενετορ “All-Begetter” (epithet of Pan)
617 = εὐαγής “pure, guiltless; shining; purifying”

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8. ΑZΩΘ = 817. Divine Formula of Mercury.

817 = εὐσεβές “reverent, pious”
817 = θωή “penalty”
817 = ἀστεργής “without love”

Mercurius corresponds not only to Christ, but to the triune divinity in general. The “Aurelia occulta” calls him “Azoth,” and explains the term as follows: “For he is the A and O that is everywhere present. The philosophers have adorned [him] with the name Azoth, which is compounded of the A and Z of the Latins, the alpha and omega of the Greeks, and the aleph and tau of the Hebrews…”
— Jung, Alchemical Studies, p. 222

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9. ΙΑΩ = 811. Divine Formula of Luna.

811 = Άττις “Attis
811 = τέσσερα “Tessera; four” (the symbol of temporal & spiritual interaction used in the Ogdoadic Tradition)
811 = ἀστέρες “stars”
811 = ἀίω “to perceive; cry”
811 = μαστός “breast”

IAO is an ancient Gnostic name of God, acknowledged by the Ophites as one of their Archons beneath the rule of Ialdabaoth. There is also a long history of identifying IAO as the Greek equivalent of the Tetragrammaton. In the Ogdoadic system, the use of IAO as a Lunar formula is connected to the cosmogonic myths of the Valentinian Gnostics and the anguish of Sophia-Achamoth. This is the subject of the pamphlet The Lunar Formula of IAO, written by the Master of the House of Adocentyn and published by Hadean Press as part of their excellent Guides to the Underworld series.

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10. ΒΑΘ−ΜΕΝΙΝ−ἙΚΑΣΤΟΥ = 1163. “Universal Deep Mind.” Divine Formula of Tellus.

1163 = δυνάστης “lord, master, ruler”
1163 = δυσφημία “words of ill omen; lamentation”
1163 = ὁ ἀναφλασμός “the masturbation”

For the source of the translation “Universal Deep Mind,” see Light in Extension by David Godwin, p. 205.

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11. ΣΕΛΑΗ−ΓΕΝΕΤΗΣ = 815. “Father of Light,” an epithet of Apollo. Divine Formula of Air.

815 = ζωή “life; Eve (Septaugint)”
815 = παρασκευή “preparation; power, means”
815 = μεστός “full”
815 = ἀγωγή “carrying away, abduction; guidance; love-spell”

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23. ΠΑΓΚΡΑΤΗΣ = 760. “All-Powerful.” Divine Formula of Water.

760 = ὁ νότος “the South”
760 = ἀφανής “unseen, secret”
760 = εμπυρειον “Empyrean”
760 = νυιτ “Nuit”
760 = θυματι “in sacrifice”
760 = ὑάκινθος “hyacinth”
760 = πότμος “destiny, fate; death”
760 = ὕμνος “song, hymn”

Pankrates is an epithet of the god Pan (note the pronunciation with the “N”; when Γ occurs before Κ it is pronounced as a velar nasal).

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31. ΘΕΟΣ = 284. “God.” Divine Formula of Fire.

284 = ἁγαθός “good”
284 = ἅγιος “holy, sacred”
284 = δῖος “shining, brilliant; noble, divine”
284 = γάιος “of Earth”

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32 bis. ΚΥΡΙΟΣ = 800. “Lord.” Divine Formula of Earth.

800 = Ω = Saturn
800 = πίστις “trust, faith”
800 = ἡ βλασφημία “the blasphemy”
800 = ὕπνος “sleep”
800 = κόσμου “of the world/universe”
800 = ἡ δύναμις μεγάλη “the Great Power”

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31 bis. (active spiritἈΘΑΝΑΤΟΣ = 632. “Immortal.” Divine Formula of Spirit (Active).

632 = Ἀφροδίτη “Aphrodite”
632 = Οὐρανία “Ourania, Muse of Astronomy; heavenly”
632 = τριακάς “thirty”
632 = ἁγνότης “purity”
632 = ἔσθησις “clothing, raiment”
632 = κάματος “labor, hard work”

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31 bis. (passive spirit) ἸΣΧΥΡΟΣ = 1580. “Strong.” Divine Formula of Spirit (Passive).

1580 = ὁ ἰχώρ “the blood of the gods”
1580 = Σίσυφος “Sisyphus”
1580 = πτύω “to spit; fan”

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