Clavis Rei Primae

Read the OAS’ presentation of the Clavis Rei Primae in The Ogdoadic Journal Number Five: Praxis, including photographs and audio:

Formula I: The Rousing of the Citadels

a. Face East. Assume the Wand Posture.
b. Develop the Rhythmic Breath.

The Gates

  1. Inhale. Formulate the Corona Flammae.
  2. Exhale & vibrate ΕΝ-ΤΟ-ΠΑΝ
  3. Inhale, drawing down the shaft of Light from the Corona & formulate the Uncia Coeli.
  4. Exhale & vibrate ΤΥΡΑΝΑ
  5. Inhale & draw down the light into the Flos Abysmi.
  6. Exhale & vibrate ΔΕΣΤΑΦΙΤΟΝ
  7. Inhale & draw down the light, formulating the Orbis Solis.
  8. Exhale & vibrate ΟΝΟΦΙΣ
  9. Inhale & draw down light to the Cornua Lunae.
  10. Exhale & vibrate ΙΑΩ
  11. Inhale & draw down the light to the Instita Splendens.
  12. Exhale & vibrate ΒΑΘ−ΜΕΝΙΝ−ἙΚΑΣΤΟΥ

The Caduceus

  1. Inhale, visualizing band of white light from Instita Splendens & spiraling upwards widdershins around the shaft & centers until dissolving into the Flos Abysmi.
  2. Exhale, strengthening awareness of centers & shaft.
  3. Inhale, visualizing a band of red-white light from Instita Splendens spiraling deosil upwards around shaft & centers, vanishing into the Flos Abysmi.
  4. Exhale, strengthening awareness of centers & shaft.


Formula II

a. Face East. Assume the Wand Posture.
b. Develop the Rhythmic Breath.

  1. Visualize the Corona Flammae as an intense pulsating sphere of white brilliance.
  2. Inhale, a shaft of brilliance descends to the Orbis Solis & expands to a sphere of golden yellow light.
  3. Exhale, the shaft of brilliance descends to the Instita Splendens, expanding to a sphere of whiteness (less brilliant than the Corona Flammae).
  4. Inhale, a reflux charge of intense rose-gold flame rises from the Instita Splendens into the Orbis Solis.
  5. Exhale, the light rests.
  6. Repeat steps 2 through 5, 5 or 6 times.
  7. Concentrate on the Orbis Solis. The radiance of this vibrant inner sun grows until the whole aura is charged with golden-yellow light. Awareness of the Corona Flammae and Instita Splendens gradually fades away.


Notes on the Clavis Rei Primae

The Ogdoadic system uses six Centers of Activity, corresponding to the five Gate Sephiroth on the Tree of Life, plus the additional brow center which signifies the Neshamah. The centers do not exist on the physical plane, but rather in the astrosome or “astral body” of everyone (though there is often a relationship between the astral position of a Center and a gland or duct in the physical body). The Centers represent the different levels of man, the Microcosm, extended through the Four Worlds and their essential dynamic relationships. These centers are often referred to by their Latin names which are listed below.

The First Formula, the Rousing of the Citadels, is essential to the development of the magical personality in the training of a Neophyte within the Order. Not only does it invigorate the Centers but it accustoms them to organized magical work. In Chapter IV of The Foundations of High Magick, Denning and Phillips compare two techniques which help the development of the magical personality; the Rousing of the Citadels and the “Going Forth of the Star and the Chariot thereof” (i.e., Helionic astral projection):

In maturing the quasi-earthly faculties of the Body of Light, the will and understanding are bent upon a task which pertains to a sphere lower than their own … In the Rousing of the Citadels, however, these higher faculties of the mind open the gates of their domain and call in the visitation of a power of a higher order still than their own. … By [The Going Forth] one transcends the limitations of one’s body; by [The Rousing], the limitations of one’s soul.

The Rousing of the Citadels is of such importance that Denning and Phillips recommend working through it in four stages:

  1. Formulate the centers in white light only. The Caduceus may be repeated no more than five times to achieve a smooth performance. Minimum three weeks of practice.
  2. Formulate the Centers in their colors (listed below). Minimum three weeks of practice.
  3. Expand the formula to a threefold vibration of each Divine Name. Minimum eight weeks of practice.
  4. When formulating the sphere on inhalation, inweave in the work a reflection on the essential cosmic principle of each Center. On exhalation, however, charge the sphere only with the stark utterance of the Name.

In the Rousing, once the Gates are activated, the magician visualizes alternating bands of light which form “the Caduceus.” The scarlet and white currents are obviously influenced by the Eastern chakra system. In Eastern systems, the central column of the astral body which runs from the base of the spine to the crown of the head is known as the sushumna. It is this nadi, or channel, along which the seven chakras are located. Two other primary nadis coil in spirals around the sushumna: the ida, which spirals counterclockwise and the pingala which coils clockwise. The ida is sometimes called the Moon Channel, and is described as white. The pingala, conversely, is the Sun Channel and is described as red. These correspondences are the same in the Ogdoadic Tradition; for instance, the red lozenge and white square on the Mystical Tessera, representative of the intersection of Matter (feminine) and Spirit (masculine).

The primary function of the Second Formula of the Clavis Rei Primae is to effect rapid energization of the of the astral body of the magician. The Orante Formula for magical projection, which is used in many workings and consecrations, is based on this second formula.

The Gates

The Centers should be conceived of as spherical concentrations of light and energy (as is found to be most satisfactory in magical training) approximately five centimeters in diameter.                    – Paper VI, Mysteria Magica.

Center of Activity (Latin name) Translation “Position Potent”
Corona Flammae “Crown of Flame” Above the crown of the head.
Uncia Coeli “Inch of Heaven”* Projects in a hemisphere from the brow.
Flos Abysmi “Flower of the Abyss” Completely external to the throat.
Orbis Solis “Orb of the Sun” Projects in a hemisphere from the breast.
Cornua Lunae “Horns of the Moon” Projects in somewhat of a hemisphere around the genitals.
Instita Splendens “Shining Hem” Between the insteps of the feet, half above ground, half below.**

*Denning and Phillips mention in relation to the Uncia Coeli the old custom of marking a “square inch” on one’s forehead.
**In the astrosome each foot has its own Center of Activity, but when together it is easiest to visualize them as one.

Center of Activity Color Corresponding Part of Anthropos (Man)
Corona Flammae intense brilliance, like burning magnesium Yechidah (the ‘Divine Spark’)
Uncia Coeli glimmering soft dove-grey Neshamah (the Great Mother, the Intuitive Mind)
Flos Abysmi billowing intense mid-purple Microcosmic Da’ath (the Blue Lotus in the Abyss)
Orbis Solis pulsating radiant yellow Ruach (Noemasome: the mental sheath)
Cornua Lunae pure lavendar, radiant & fast-swirling Nephesh (Astrosome: the astral body)
Instita Splendens seven prismatic colors, swirling lazily & shimmering G’uph (the physical body; sensory consciousness)



Isopsephic Notes


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